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Exercise Timer

Exercise Timer is a mobile phone application. It ticks every 10 seconds ( can be changed) for a exercise cycle to Help u do your exercises and streches for the correct time and keeps count. Can configure it as you need 

Like you can set it so it ticks every 10 seconds 30 times then every 6 seconds 12 times for different routines 

Tested  on Nokia series 40 and Motorola. Written in Java   

Also has voice that says "set 1 complete", "twenty seconds" etc to help you keep track of your routine

This a software that can be run on your PC or your cell phone. Each version is a seperate item

Developed by Tushar Kapila, Bangalore , India

Tech you can use

Bangalore India 2007 Delivery via e-mail to you or WAP download to your phone (will email link after you e-bay sale)