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Java MIDP/ CLDC Jad auto updater ("MIDlet-Jar-Size: ")

Updates your Java MIDP - mobile/ wireless jad file everytime you build.
Free software as-is, no warranty GNU licence. Get the java Jad Updater exe JavaJadUpdtrP.exe
Pass it param to the Java MIDP JAD File, it read it till "MIDlet-Jar-Size: " inserts the matching jar files size and then writes the file to a temp file.
It then renames the new file to the old.
if you choose back-up (by passing paramater 2 as "backup" case insensitive) then it makes a back up called xyz.jad.backUp
If you want the Java version email me tgkprog at g mail ...


It needs the VB runtime plus the exe JavaJadUpdtrP.exe. Most PCs have the VB runtime. If not you can get it from the MS site at vb run time at MS, its about 1 MB
Step 1: download JavaJadUpdtrP.exe.
Step 2: Save it to a folder, keeping note of that folder.
Step 3: Run the exe. If runs you are good to go. Else get the runtime from vb run time at MS it has directions
Step 4: try running the utility again. It should run once you have installed VB (might have to re start you system after installing it.)

VB6 Source

Sub main in a module :
Option Explicit

Sub Main()
On Local Error GoTo errH
Dim sLoc As String
Dim fso As FileSystemObject
Dim txIn As TextStream
Dim txOt As TextStream
Dim args, i, s, f1 As File
args = Split(Command, " ")
Set fso = New FileSystemObject
Set txIn = fso.OpenTextFile(args(0), ForReading)
Set txOt = fso.OpenTextFile(args(0) & "outTmp", ForWriting, True)
Set f1 = fso.GetFile(Left(args(0), Len(args(0)) - 3) & "jar")

'"MIDlet-Jar-Size: "
Do While Not txIn.AtEndOfStream
s = txIn.ReadLine
i = InStr(1, s, "MIDlet-Jar-Size: ")
If i > 0 Then
s = "MIDlet-Jar-Size: " & f1.Size
End If
txOt.WriteLine s
If UBound(args) > 0 Then
If LCase(args(1)) = "backup" Then
Call fso.CopyFile(args(0), args(0) & ".backUp", True)
End If
End If
Call fso.CopyFile(args(0) & "outTmp", args(0), True)
fso.DeleteFile args(0) & "outTmp"
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
MsgBox "Err " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description & vbNewLine & sLoc
Resume Next
End If
End Sub

There is a form too - just to get the icon no code , never called.

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